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Essilor Gerber Kappa CTD Patternless Edger with Drill and CT tracer and blocker

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Essilor Gerber Kappa CTD Patternless Edger with Drill and CT tracer and blocker.

The Gerber Kappa CTD edger can accommodate a multitude of shapes, drilling patterns, and notches with its built-in drill. The drill assembly can drill holes, straight and angled notches. These holes and notches can be in any direction, vertical, horizontal, or angled oblongs. Once the mounted lenses are placed into the drilling and edging chamber the drilling angle can be adjusted and is automatically aligned to be perpendicular to the front surface of the lens. The drill feed, speed and rotation is optimized, but can be modified if desired. Up to 10 combination per lens are allowed with drilling diameter down to 0.8mm.

The Kappa CT tracer has a built-in auto-lensometer that makes this unit perhaps the easiest tracer and blocker in the industry. The tracer lensmeter allows for a technician to place the lens in the unit at any angle and the optical tracer will detect the lens type: progressive, bifocal, trifocal, or single vision, then align the lens to the correct axis and block the unit on axis. The ease of use is perfect for an office or lab interested in making things simple. The tracer unit allows for a photo of a demo lens to be taken for exact measurements of the demo lens. The built-in camera allows for zoom for exact hole positioning and sizing. The Tracer unit can locate the lens optical center, bifocal, fitting cross in seconds and realign the image on the prescribed axis. The blocking is also automatic, once the lens is placed on the blocking station, a computer-controlled blocking arm automatically grasps the lens blocker adapter while a suction head makes sure the lens is in the required position for axis and mounting. With this feature, even the most expensive, fragile, AR lenses will not be damaged.

Main features:
-True 3D patternless edging
-Ultra-High precision frame tracing and blocking with built in auto lensometer
-Integrated lens grooving or drilling
-Cuts down to 14.5mm depth
-Color LCD viewing screens
-Memory capacity of 200 shapes per unit
-Stand alone and network (you can link up to 15 edgers and 5 tracers)
-Automatic centering
-Shape modification of the lens, groove, and drill
-Automatic lens blocking
-Recognition of drill holes with the auto lensometer and camera system
-Memorization of drill hole co-ordinates