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Righton Retinomax K Plus 3 Hand Held Refractor Keratometer

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Retinomax K-plus 3 Hand-held mobile Autorefracto-Keratometer is the world’s leading handheld Refractor and Ref/Keratometer, now boasting greater mobility, stability and accuracy.

Ideal for:

Ward use, pre & post operatively, wheel chair patients, young children and adults.


Share between offices or between rooms – the Retinomax is a full function hand held autorefractor that can be used anywhere. Measure patients in any position, in a hospital bed, in a wheelchair or in your pre-test room. Great for screening at a school or nursing home. Battery operation for mobile and  domiciliary use.


The Retinomax has full measurement range and advanced measurement modes. The instrument begins
reading the instant that alignment and focus is achieved. Measurements are terminated automatically when
complete. faster measurement times are complemented by increased accuracy. A retro illumination function
highlights media opacities.

Perfect for children:

The elimination of the chin rest makes the examination procedure easier, more relaxed and fun for children.
A melody function makes the Retinomax perfect for even the smallest child.

Advantages of the Righton K3 Plus

Get keratometry with the Retinomax K-Plus 3. Simultaneous refraction and keratometry measurements. Peripheral measurements can be obtained with minimal change in measurement time and no additional steps for the operator.

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